How to Be a Bitcoin Maximalist [Pete Rizzo]

“Cryptocurrency market-isms are built on claims about the economic and computer science advances Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have achieved, and thus have a direct relationship to those claims.

While some are the product entirely of fandom, others are more complex, attempting to both define a scientific position, and then encourage beliefs and conduct based on those claims.” – Pete Rizzo

Today we start a dive into Bitcoin Maximalism that we will expand on during this week. What is maximalism, is it just a group of arrogant, stubborn bullies on Twitter, or is it a set of principles around the defense and expansion of the Bitcoin only ecosystem? And how do we separate the ideology, from its self proclaimed proponents when they differ in practice? Rizzo covers this and more in a Forbes article on “How to Be a Bitcoin Maximalist.” Don’t miss it!

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