Debunking the ESG Attacks on Bitcoin [Spencer Nichols]

“While Bitcoin does not litigate the ethics of hydrocarbon production, it is not controversial to point out that the dollar, in that it is sustained by the continuation of the US military-industrial complex (the single largest consumer of oil in the world), carries an incomparably greater carbon footprint than the Bitcoin network will ever begin to approach. All this, while generating abhorrent negative externalities, among which are the countless lives lost to conflict and the inherently political nature of money controlled by a singular geopolitical hegemon.” – Spencer Nichols

It’s time to read another piece that soundly smashes the uninformed ESG narratives attacking Bitcoin. Its hard to fathom the degree of intellectual laziness from some of these publications and “experts,” but nonetheless its all there for us to witness. Spencer does a great job in tearing it down by hitting a strong foundation on how we got here from the fundamentals of monetary history, and then goes through the major misconceptions touted by the establishment. Don’t miss this one!

Check out the original article at the link below:
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