Month: April 2021

You Are Not Prepared

Hyperbitcoinization is defined by the Nakamoto institute as “a voluntary transition from an inferior currency to a superior one, and its adoption is a series of individual acts of entrepreneurship rather than a single monopolist that games the system.” – Knut Svanholm

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The Last Days of Satoshi

“To be sure, by the waning days of 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto was still acknowledged for inventing Bitcoin, and was respected for growing the world’s first decentralized digital currency into a $1 million market. But as frustrations with his authority and availability built, it became all too common for users to decry Satoshi the admin[ X ], Satoshi the bottleneck[ X ], Satoshi the dictator[ X ].” – Pete Rizzo

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The Key to an Abundant, Clean Energy Future

“Bitcoin miners are unique energy buyers in that they offer highly flexible and easily interruptible load, provide payout in a globally liquid cryptocurrency, and are completely location agnostic, requiring only an internet connection. These combined qualities constitute an extraordinary asset, an energy buyer of last resort that can be turned on or off at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world.” – Square & ARKinvest

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Two Taproot Activation Clients!

“discussion about Taproot activation turned out to be a long and sometimes heated debate. Now, it has resulted in two different Taproot activation paths, embedded in two main software clients that could in some scenarios even become incompatible with one another.” – Aaron Van Wirdum

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Len Sassaman & Satoshi, A Cypherpunk History

“Embedded on every single node of the Bitcoin network is an obituary . Hacked into the transaction data, it’s a memorial to Len Sassaman, a man essentially immortalized in the blockchain itself. A fitting tribute in more ways than one.’ – Evan h

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Chat #60 – Strong Foundations in an Unstable Era, with Cory Tucek

A walk through Bitcoin history, the chaos of the early days, the blocksize war, working in film, financial catastrophes, the great reset, the breakdown of collective trust, hyperinflation, & the principles that Bitcoin embodies – all covered in today’s chat with the Bitcoin Made Simple podcast host, Cory Tucek. I had a great time with this one and I think you guys will love it. Don’t miss Chat #60 – Strong Foundations in an Unstable Era

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Conclusion of the Long-Term Debt Cycle

“Human civilization is at an inflection point. Inflationary monetary policy against the backdrop of technological deflation means either that ever more power will become concentrated in the hands of the state, or that one by one, individuals will voluntarily opt into and adopt a superior monetary system, the rules of which cannot be arbitrarily changed.” – Dylan Leclair

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Utopian Dystopias

“Bitcoin is the alpha-omega of private property and voluntary exchange. It lowers the cost of defence whilst increasing the cost of attack. As such it is the central tool in helping us get beyond the great filter.” – Aleks Svetski

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The Responsibility of Adopting Bitcoin

“The whole idea of Bitcoin is to remove intermediaries from the equation. Trusted third parties are security holes, and unless we want to repeat past mistakes, it is our collective responsibility to eliminate these security holes wherever and whenever we can.” – DerGigi

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Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

• Money is not what you think it is

• Great societies are a result of great money

• Money is more foundational than language

• Prices are not arbitrary

• The nature of time

• Money is a tool of information

• Proof of work in ancient history

…And so much more in today’s Guy’s Take!

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