Utopian Dystopias

“Bitcoin is the alpha-omega of private property and voluntary exchange. It lowers the cost of defence whilst increasing the cost of attack. As such it is the central tool in helping us get beyond the great filter.” – Aleks Svetski

In tying together and expanding on the ideas touched on in yesterday’s episode, on responsibility and freedom, we dive deep with Alek’s piece from the Bitcoin Times Ed 3 on the nature of decision making, the fundamental truths of the world, & how we can deduce a harmonious path for the future. Bitcoin codifies the critical principles necessary for proper evolution of society. Let’s find out why.

Don’t forget to check out the original and drop some massive applause, plus the other many great works from The Bitcoin Times:


Another episode we’ve done discussing some related concepts and the nature of rights and how Bitcoin defends them is Guy’s Take #32:

Rights, Incentives & the Bitcoin System


Becoming a Bitcoiner is a process, one of decisions, and proper incentives:

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