Month: March 2021

Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin

“When I thought about what is the defining difference between the Bitcoin maximalists and my yuppie elite friends, the surface level distinctions that popped out were political (e.g., libertarianism, Trump support, second-amendment rights, Black Lives Matter). But these stem from a deeper divide: the degree to which a person has trust in the system.” – Croesus

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Debunking the Empty Block Attack

“The empty block attack is one where a majority of mining power would be directed at mining only empty blocks and rejecting non-empty blocks. These miners would essentially execute a soft-fork where all non-empty blocks would be rejected. Given that they have a majority of hashing power on the network, so the thinking goes, they will eventually get the longer chain even if other miners were to mine non-empty blocks. If only empty blocks are being mined, all activity on the network would stop and so, the thinking goes, Bitcoin would be killed.” – Jimmy Song

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Bitcoin Will Save Our Earth

“Bitcoin is not taking gas from your car or electricity from your house, it is making power production more efficient, utilizing otherwise “stranded” energy sources and helping to fund the development of renewable energy technologies.” – Evan Bayless

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Fidelity: Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin is a unique digital asset for an increasingly digital world that requires digging deeper than the surface level to understand its core properties and trade-offs.” – Ria Bhutoria

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Sovereignism Part 1 – Digital Creative Destruction

“To state it plainly: Bitcoin is a momen­tous monetary innova­tion enabling a new mode of non-nation-state human organi­za­tion, a “purified” form of capitalism free of nation-state inter­fer­ence and deserving of its own neolo­gism. Let us call the new mode of socioe­co­nomic organi­za­tion enabled by encrypted digital money sover­eignism .” – Robert Breedlove

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Trust, That we Need More of

“We can already observe some faint light at the end of the tunnel. Savings have been reintroduced into the hands of society. You can save money and the State is unable to influence your funds on the Bitcoin blockchain. Nobody can take your money away, and this creates economic stability that positively influences mental wellbeing. When you know that you have savings, and that you will be able to pay any and all unexpected expenses that might arise and that you have built the foundations of a prosperous future, things change.” – Karo

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Pumping Iron

“40 years of this back and forth has resulted in almost $20 trillion in zero- or negative-yield government and corporate debt, the lowest interest rates in the last 5,000 years, and the most amount of global debt ever in human civilization.” – Arthur Hayes

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The Separation of Money & State

“As long as there are money printers, there can be no freedom of expression. Money is the tool we use to express value to each other. Whoever controls the money supply controls the world.” – Knut Svanholm

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Guy’s Take #43 – The Sound of Inevitability

• Why Matt Odell is wrong about the OCC statement

• Bullish review of the SeeTee Shareholder Letter

• Microstrategy & 0% bonds

• Jack Mallers taking over the world


• MassMutual, Square, Tesla, Marathon, Stone Ridge, & the Bitcoin Treasury Rush

• Next phase of the Bitcoin mining industry

• Lightning everywhere

• New developer grants

• Rewards Cards everywhere!

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