Guy’s Take

Guy’s Take #60 – Digital Money

Today we explore a highly earned Guy’s Take for Dergigi’s “Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity” as well as using a core part of his framing to make sense of a few fundamental ideas behind Bitcoin. Recently as well I continue to run into the question, what is Bitcoin backed by? And I think this misses the…

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Guy’s Take #57 – Bitcoin Domino Theory

What if, sitting in the middle of a chaotic monetary environment, increasing capital controls, balkanizing political regimes, a failing petrodollar hegemony, collapsing institutional trust, increased sanctions & weaponized infrastructure, & aggressive, widespread inflation… there sat a global, neutral, decentralized, robust, & incorruptible network to store and transfer value? What would it look like if that…

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Guy’s Take on the “Why Bitcoin Series, Part 1”

Completely left the intro and guy’s take section out of the publishing for last week’s episode, so figured I would drop it just for those who might like to listen. No ads or any breaks for this one since I screwed up, lol.

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Bitcoin Law – The El Salvador Legal Tender Bill

I may have gotten ahead of myself but the vote is happening right now in El Salvador’s Congress. It’s being discussed and read on the floor & in order to get this out as quickly as possible, we have the reading of the “Bitcoin Law” proposed and soon voted on in El Salvador.

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Guy’s Take #47 – Legal Tender… And So It Begins

If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss out on this moment in history. Jack Mallers’ announcement and speech at Bitcoin2021 on the massive moves they are making with Strike, the infrastructure being built in the developing world, & the move by the President of El Salvador to make Bitcoin a legal Tender within the country and make it part of the national strategy to bring financial inclusion, monetary independence, and an infrastructure that will take them into the future with Bitcoin. This is the beginning of some massive.

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Guy’s Take #46 – Bitcoin is Dead… Again

The price took a near 30% dump today. So let’s talk about it.

A short episode today while I take care of my pup. Have you been distraught with the current price swings? That only means you are doing something wrong, or you don’t yet understand what you are buying into. Conviction comes with experience & knowledge. Today you gain experience, Bitcoin Audible will help you with your knowledge 😘

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Guy’s Take #43 – The Sound of Inevitability

• Why Matt Odell is wrong about the OCC statement

• Bullish review of the SeeTee Shareholder Letter

• Microstrategy & 0% bonds

• Jack Mallers taking over the world


• MassMutual, Square, Tesla, Marathon, Stone Ridge, & the Bitcoin Treasury Rush

• Next phase of the Bitcoin mining industry

• Lightning everywhere

• New developer grants

• Rewards Cards everywhere!

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Guy’s Take #42 – Bitcoin’s Second Chapter Begins

“In Chapter 1 we reached millions. In Chapter 2 we’re going to reach billions and we’re going to do it quickly. And Chapter 2 starts right now.” – Ross Stevens

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Guy’s Take #41 – Gamestop is the Battle, Bitcoin is the War

Curious to know what the recent clown show of GameStop and r/WallStreetBets was all about? Well we get into it in today’s rant about the phenomenal arrogance and outright manipulation of the major players in Wall Street after retail investors made them cry. There is nothing that could more perfectly demonstrate the reality that average Joe’s only have freedom when they are losing, but when they make a win at the expense of billionaire hedge funds, you can bet your ass the stocks will be delisted, accounts will be frozen, positions will be closed for no reason, the SEC will investigate “manipulation” from the retail investors, & the big dogs will do everything they can to prevent from paying the bill.

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Guy’s Take #40 – Double Spends & Wittgenstein’s Money

What the hell is everyone squealing about regarding this “critical flaw” and “confirmed double spend” on the Bitcoin network? Is this another 2013 bug, or a giant nothing burger? Guy dives into it on today’s episode and then gets into the follow-up to Wittgenstein’s Money, the amazing piece by Allen Farrington that we covered in the previous episode on the show. What is value, what is money, & what would it seem like if it did seem like a money was emerging from zero?

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