Guy’s Take #42 – Bitcoin’s Second Chapter Begins

“In Chapter 1 we reached millions. In Chapter 2 we’re going to reach billions and we’re going to do it quickly. And Chapter 2 starts right now.” – Ross Stevens

We are entering a phase of Bitcoin where it becomes accepted as a global store of value asset by large institutions and corporations around the world. Yet simultaneously, we are reaching a point where Bitcoin is also being recognized and utilized as a global, open source, and highly liquid monetary *network.* Chapter 2 isn’t merely about Bitcoin being used to store and protect value, but about Lightning, and the ability to instantly send money and swap it with any currency anywhere in the world.

Inspired by a tweet from Ryan Gentry with an excerpt from Ross Stevens conversation with Michael Saylor… find out just how much Bitcoin is about to shake the world in today’s guy’s take episode! Check out the relevant tweet from Ryan:

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