Month: February 2019

Formalizing & Securing Network Relationships – Parts 1-3

“… The movement from static to dynamic media promises to bring about a fourth cost revolution in the related areas of jurisdiction, trust, and security. Impacts on business will be felt in law, accounting, auditing, billing, collections, contracts, confidentiality, and so on: in short, the entire nature of our business relationships will be altered in ways only partially foreseeable.”
Nick Szabo

Listening to an essay from 1997 that details specific challenges of something as distant as the smart contract embedded into the Lightning Network shows the unbelievable foresight of the cypherpunks. As well as the dedication to seeing their vision become a reality.

The risks and benefits of chargebacks, the nature of the trade-off between contract enforcement & ensuring privacy, the elements of splitting contractual elements (the ripped dollar bill) to minimize trust, pseudonymous credit ratings, and so much more in our completion of Szabo’s essay, “Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks.”

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MuSig: A New Multisignature Standard

Cypherpunks write code! Last year we received a published paper detailing the advantages of the new MuSig Multisignature Scheme, this year we get the code.

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Holding the Lightning Torch with Rollo & Slappy

If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t miss an awesome discussion all about Lightning and holding the Torch with the guys from the Rollo and Slappy Show!

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5 Things Ive Learned After a Year in Bitcoin

Another great Twitter thread to cover, this time from Jason Smith @iwearahoodie) covering 5 incredible lessons learned after a year of being seriously into #Bitcoin. Are they the same things you’ve learned?

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The Human Threat Model

“The human threat model is intended to help humans better understand the threats to that they face and the tools available, and in active development, for defense. Threats are assumed to be any activity designed to prevent humanity from accomplishing it’s mission to make the world delightful.” @jwweatherman_

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The Bitcoin Threat Model

“The Bitcoin Threat Model is intended to help developers, investors and users better understand the security of Bitcoin. Threats are assumed to be any activity designed to prevent Bitcoin from accomplishing its mission to become cash (including a unit of account).” @jwweatherman

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Announcing the Casa Browser Extension

A lot of announcements and tons of exciting stuff to talk about in this episode! Plus our read of the just released Casa Browser Extension, inspired by the Lightning Joule extension, which is one of the coolest additions to the Casa suite yet, plus they are now Open Source!! Don’t miss an exciting episode with today’s QuikRead! Check out the official announcement article & other posts over at And follow Nick Neuman, Jameson Lopp, Jeremy Welch, and others to stay up on the incredible stuff happening at Casa! These guys are changing the game on the daily!

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