"We're basically at a fork in the road. I think that there's a good chance we go the wrong way and you end up with a situation like China.

We need to build these tools that serve Liberty and not tyranny. And we need to design these systems correctly. And then on top of that, I think, as I pointed out earlier, you know, we have an opportunity to build a better product than the tyrannical systems, you know, now before, before you're in too deep. So we need to do that so that people aren't, aren't lured by that."

Are we steering towards a future where technology amplifies human potential, or are we drifting into a realm where control overshadows creativity? We are joined by the creator of CASCDR today to delve into a discussion that explores the role of Ai in our future and how we can utilize it to decentralize markets, service provision, and change the structure of productivity in a way that can bring it far closer to us and our needs. What does that future look like, and how do we build to get there?

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