Bitcoin Astronomy, The Third Law – Part 1 [Dhruv Bansal]

“Astrobiologists increasingly believe that conditions are frequently right for life. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and the life-sustaining molecules they form are the most common substances in the universe and we know there are millions, potentially billions, of rocky planets just like Earth orbiting stars just like our Sun in our galaxy alone.” – Dhruv Bansal

Today we dive into an often requested series that I have been waiting to get back into for some time, the Bitcoin Astronomy Series! Today we hit the first half of Part 3, The Third Law of Bitcoin Astronomy by the always thought provoking author Dhruv Bansal. Links to Parts I and II are below as we extend the concepts of the Hash Horizon and the scale of blockchains needed to bridge a civilization that spans a solar system and beyond. In Part III, we explore the possibilities of a first encounter with the blockchains of an alien civilization…

Links to the original article at the Unchained Capital blog as well as the first 2 parts below:

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

A few other great works mentioned in the Guy’s Take:

Quittem’s Bitcoin Mycelium Series:
Bitcoin is Element Zero by Ioni Appelberg:
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