Capital Misallocation, Bitcoin Fixes this – Part 1 [Steven Lubka]

“Money facilities a system — the economy — that is too complex, too unpredictable and too uncertain to be modeled or reduced to neat quantifiable units. Expanding humanity’s productive resources — capital — requires the acceptance of complexity, uncertainty, unknowns and risk. It’s not a neat or tame process. It’s a wild one. It’s a…

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What is Money Anyway? Part 2

“To put it into perspective, this international monetary system based around centrally-managed fiat currency is only 16 years older than me. My father was 36 when the US went off the gold standard. When I grew up, after a period of financial hardship, I began collecting gold and silver coins as a kid; my father gave me silver coins as savings each year.

The Swiss dropped their gold standard when I was twelve years old, which was six years after Amazon was founded, and three years before Tesla was founded. The fiat/petrodollar standard is only four times older than bitcoin, and only two times older than the first internet browser. That’s pretty recent when you think about it like that.” – Lyn Alden

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What is Money Anyway? Part 1

“If a money (the most salable good) is easy to create more of, then any rational economic actor would just go out and create more money for herself, diluting the whole supply of it. If an asset has a monetary premium on top of its pure utility value, then it’s strongly incentivizing market participants to try to make more of it, and so only the forms of money that are the most resistant to debasement can withstand this challenge.” – Lyn Alden

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21 Million is Non-Negotiable [Zach_of_Earth]

“Imposing limitations on monetary goods has always required tremendous amounts of time and energy, and trust. And yet, with all our efforts, we still have been unable to fix the supply of any of the modern monetary assets of the world. Someone, somewhere, has always found a way to increase the supply. Whether because of some emergency reason to protect the greater good, or out of sheer greed, or out of complete ignorance, humans have succeeded 100% of the time in debasing the monetary premiums of all goods in all of recorded human history.

And then, there was Bitcoin.” – Zach_of_Earth

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The Utility of Saving [Pierre Rochard]

“People hold money to hedge against future uncertainty. This is why it is so crucial for a monetary system to optimize for minimizing its own uncertainty. Bitcoin’s purchasing power is an external quantitative risk that can be insured against, not an internal qualitative uncertainty.” – Pierre Rochard

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Bitcoin Information Theory B.I.T

“A deflationary monetary system of absolute hard money acts as a mirror for value creation. It is a compass to guide us toward a better economic path.” – Aaron Segal

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Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

• Money is not what you think it is

• Great societies are a result of great money

• Money is more foundational than language

• Prices are not arbitrary

• The nature of time

• Money is a tool of information

• Proof of work in ancient history

…And so much more in today’s Guy’s Take!

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Fidelity: Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin is a unique digital asset for an increasingly digital world that requires digging deeper than the surface level to understand its core properties and trade-offs.” – Ria Bhutoria

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Trust, That we Need More of

“We can already observe some faint light at the end of the tunnel. Savings have been reintroduced into the hands of society. You can save money and the State is unable to influence your funds on the Bitcoin blockchain. Nobody can take your money away, and this creates economic stability that positively influences mental wellbeing. When you know that you have savings, and that you will be able to pay any and all unexpected expenses that might arise and that you have built the foundations of a prosperous future, things change.” – Karo

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Pumping Iron

“40 years of this back and forth has resulted in almost $20 trillion in zero- or negative-yield government and corporate debt, the lowest interest rates in the last 5,000 years, and the most amount of global debt ever in human civilization.” – Arthur Hayes

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