What is Money Anyway? Part 1

“If a money (the most salable good) is easy to create more of, then any rational economic actor would just go out and create more money for herself, diluting the whole supply of it. If an asset has a monetary premium on top of its pure utility value, then it’s strongly incentivizing market participants to try to make more of it, and so only the forms of money that are the most resistant to debasement can withstand this challenge.” – Lyn Alden

The true rabbit hole of Bitcoin begins at the question, “What is Money?” It is the heart of Bitcoin’s fascinating nature, and its historical breakthrough. If you were looking for an entry point to the Bitcoin idea, Lyn Alden brings a phenomenal piece by asking the simple question, that ultimately unlocks a never ending rabbit hole… “What is Money, Anyway?”

This will take a few episode to get through entirely, so let’s get started…

Link to Lyn Alden’s piece and the incredible other work she has on her blog:

What is Money, Anyway?

Other great works to explore:

Nick Szabo – Shelling Out: https://bitcoinaudible.com/reboot-shelling-out-the-origins-of-money-nick-szabo/

Wittgenstein’s Money: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1eVvYlfTRG7zGjkZW8klIE?si=02d4eaa72fe642c4

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