Trust, That we Need More of

“We can already observe some faint light at the end of the tunnel. Savings have been reintroduced into the hands of society. You can save money and the State is unable to influence your funds on the Bitcoin blockchain. Nobody can take your money away, and this creates economic stability that positively influences mental wellbeing. When you know that you have savings, and that you will be able to pay any and all unexpected expenses that might arise and that you have built the foundations of a prosperous future, things change.” – Karo

Paper money doesn’t merely have economic consequences, it has deep impact on the very nature of who we are. Today’s read from Bitcoin Magazine delves into what those consequences are. And despite losing a long Guy’s rant thanks to some failed software, I would point you to an older episode that had a very similar topic of discussion, Guy’s Take #36 – Walking Tall

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