Bitcoin Information Theory B.I.T

“A deflationary monetary system of absolute hard money acts as a mirror for value creation. It is a compass to guide us toward a better economic path.” – Aaron Segal

From Bitcoin Magazine, we hit a fantastic piece on the nature of money as a tool for reducing informational entropy. Why a finite supply money, is ultimately the most pure form of money able to translate technological innovation into decreased uncertainty in an economic system. Don’t miss Segal’s “Bitcoin Information Theory”

Check out the original and other great pieces at Bitcoin Magazine:

The other excellent pieces mentioned that dig further into this topic, the ideas of pricing in an economy, & why our system has been skewed to strip the economic machine of growth and productivity:

“The Capital Strip Mine” by Allen Farringtion:

The Capital Strip Mine

“The Use of Knowledge in Society” by F.A. Hayek:

Hayek’s ‘Use of Knowledge in Society’

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