Debunking the Empty Block Attack

“The empty block attack is one where a majority of mining power would be directed at mining only empty blocks and rejecting non-empty blocks. These miners would essentially execute a soft-fork where all non-empty blocks would be rejected. Given that they have a majority of hashing power on the network, so the thinking goes, they will eventually get the longer chain even if other miners were to mine non-empty blocks. If only empty blocks are being mined, all activity on the network would stop and so, the thinking goes, Bitcoin would be killed.” – Jimmy Song

With another bull market, comes another avalanche of the same old FUD. Today we hit an excellent little article from Jimmy Song taking the time to thoroughly debunk the again popular, “Empty Block Attack” scenario from a potential nation-state adversary. Don’t miss today’s article if you have been exhausted with answering the twitter flood of new people certain they have the inside secret to killing Bitcoin.

Debunking the Empty Block Attack:

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