Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin

“When I thought about what is the defining difference between the Bitcoin maximalists and my yuppie elite friends, the surface level distinctions that popped out were political (e.g., libertarianism, Trump support, second-amendment rights, Black Lives Matter).  But these stem from a deeper divide: the degree to which a person has trust in the system.” – Croesus

Why is it that some of the most intelligent people can both be the first to grasp the astounding benefit and value of Bitcoin, but simultaneously be the ones who dismiss it with the greatest prejudice, and refuse to entertain that there may be anything at all of value? What is the difference between those two groups, can we narrow down where the core problem loves? Find out in today’s read by Croesus at the amazing Citadel21 publication. Titled…

Why the Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin


Shout out to Preston Pysh for reminding me of this one, and to Citadel21 for their amazing resource and collection of works. They also happen to be today’s “Bitcoin Resource” and I highly recommend doing a little exploring over on their page below:


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