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22 Trillion with the Raleigh Bitcoiners

You’re in for a marathon of a meetup today! The Raleigh Bitcoin Crew goes down the rabbit hole with…

Infinite money printing
Who really runs things?
Inflation and the Fed’s Great Scam
How trustless money leads to greater trust
Price “gouging” or price “discovery”?
Monopolies & the Govt
Anti-trust laws and predatory pricing
The last halving & the Bitcoin price
Quantitative Hardening
& more!

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 4

Chapters 8 through 11 continuing our unabridged audio of Knut Svanholm’s excellent book on the Bitcoin phenomenon titled, “Sovereignty Through Mathematics”
• Anyone can change Bitcoin’s rules, but know one has been able to change Bitcoin
• Bitcoin is the underlying invention behind blockchain, not vice versa
• Money amplifies who we are
• Is Bitcoin an environmental disaster, or its remedy?

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 5

Closing the week with the incredible conclusion of Knut Svanholm’s work! Don’t forget to thank him for making this available to us and everyone for free, so we can all discover Bitcoin together.
• A new form of life
• Is the blockchain the body of the organism?
• The necessity of privacy
• Why you should learn to surf
• The long road ahead!

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The Triumvirate of Liquidity

Today, Nik Bhatia takes us through a compressed history of the Dollar, US Treasuries, and how we found ourselves in the current global financial mess. What are the safe-haven assets of the future, what will happen to the demand during these uncertain times, & what will be Bitcoin’s role?

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Money, Bitcoin, & Time

Listen to a walk through the Bitcoin perspective and the rich history that enlightens the story for Bitcoin’s immense monetary potential. Reading the unabridged audiobook of Money, Bitcoin & Time, written by Robert Breedlove.

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Reboot – Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

“The precursors of money, along with language, enabled early modern humans to solve problems of cooperation that other animals cannot – including problems of reciprocal altruism, kin altruism, and the mitigation of aggression. These precursors shared with non-fiat currencies very specific characteristics – they were not merely symbolic or decorative objects.”  – Nick Szabo

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Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money

“Money is an intersubjective problem, and a choice to opt into one monetary medium is an explicit opt out of the other, which in turn causes one network to gain value (and utility) at the direct expense of another.” – Parker Lewis

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The Great Wealth Transfer with Pete Rizzo

The team over at Kraken just dropped a fascinating report on “The Great Wealth Transfer” and what it means for Bitcoin. How, even holding all other things constant, we could see on the order of $1 Trillion move into the Bitcoin ecosystem. We bring Pete Rizzo on the show to talk all about it.

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