Yes, Bitcoin is a Smart Contract Platform [Shinobi]

“’Smart contracts’ as a term was coined by Nick Szabo back in 1996 before the idea of a blockchain was even a twinkling in Satoshi’s eye. They had nothing to do with DAOs, or decentralized exchanges or any of these types of constructs that people tend to think of when they hear the term.” – Shinobi

Throwing out the hype, the shitcoin buzzwords, the DAOs, and all the obscure claims about smart contracts on the various “crypto” platforms out there, and let’s get down to the origins and true meaning of the term “smart contract.” What does it really mean, and does Bitcoin have smart contracts, or not? A great piece from Shinobi and Bitcoin Magazine today. Not to be missed.

Link to the original articles for more details, further digging and the other incredible work at Bitcoin Magazine:

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