Why I Don’t Celebrate Neutrino

Today we read an article from developer @nicolasdorier that illustrates why Neutrino might not be the panacea some seem to treat it as.  It certainly has its benefits, but its important to look critically at every proposal, to ensure we understand what is, not what we wish to be.

Why I Don’t Celebrate Neutrino

Don’t forget to thank Nicolas for letting me cover his work and head over to his Medium page and drop some applause on this article, or get a head start on his follow-up that we will read tomorrow:



Disclaimer: I did not read this article 100% verbatim, as Nicolas’s first language is not english, there were multiple slightly odd wordings when read aloud.  I corrected minor word choice/order on a few occasions to make the sentences clearer, but without altering the meaning as far as I interpreted it. Any mistakes in this regard are my own.

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