Why Bitcoin, The Series – Part 1

“For those with the curiosity to look, Bitcoin has emerged as a vast and mysterious space to explore with treasures, dangers, and untold potential.” – Tomer Strolight

Going through the incredible short, but profound pieces in the Why Bitcoin series by Tomer Strolight. An incredible walk through the many fundamental characteristics of Bitcoin. Why should we choose it, why is it backed by physics, why does its buying power keep rising, why is it the new frontier, and more in this first episode. Don’t miss it!


For more digging into what happened in El Salvador and what the legal tender dstatus means, check out the awesome SSL podcast we did with Tomer, Alex Gladstein, Brady Swenson, & myself earlier today. Careful not to get too bullish:


Then for diving deeper into Proof of Work, check out the great pieces by Hugo Nguyen mentioned in the commentary:

Anatomy of Proof of Work:


Bitcoin, Chance & Randomness:

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