Why Bitcoin Is Not a Ponzi Scheme

“From the begin­ning, Bitcoin has remained an open source and fully trans­parent project, and has the most organic growth trajec­tory of the industry. Given avail­able infor­ma­tion, the market has priced it as it sees fit, out in the open.” – Lyn Alden

Bitcoin is a Ponzi, say the detractors. Their arguments never seem anymore sophisticated, and sound increasingly desperate as Bitcoin continues to defy their view. Is there any truth to this? Well Lyn Alden decides to break it down for us, using a range from the most narrow, to the most broad view of a Ponzi, and lays out Bitcoin’s history, network effects, & open nature against it, to make the rather obvious case in hindsight, that Bitcoin, is indeed, Not a Ponzi scheme.

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