Why and How to Get a Bitcoin Job [Stephan Livera]

“Coming off the Bitcoin 2022 conference, you might feel a little down from the high of meeting and spending time with Bitcoiners. I’ve also found that going to these events leaves you with an additional sense of urgency to do something more, or to become more involved somehow. One way to do that is to participate in Bitcoin projects or work in a Bitcoin job.” – Stephan Livera

For as many times as I’ve been asked about how best to get a Bitcoin job, its hard to admit that I have never done an episode on it. But thanks to Stephan Livera, we have a great article on exactly that topic to help those who feel that drive to commit fully to Bitcoin. An excellent article and fun Guy’s Take on getting a Bitcoiner job, and how to see and help solve problems in the space. Plus a NEW CO-HOST joins the show! Dont miss it!

The Why and How of Getting a Bitcoin Job:


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