The Path to a Bitcoin Standard in Africa [Charlene Fadirepo]

“I believe Africa represents the most elegant use case for a Bitcoin standard in existence. In the paragraphs that follow I will explain why.” – Charlene Fadirepo

Africa is a hugely under-appreciated, yet massive part of the Bitcoin universe that is growing into its own, due to multiple factors, the case for a Bitcoin standard in Africa holds incredible potential. With a young vibrant demographic, political variety, entrepreneurial spirit, & a constant state of monetary pain, there are few places on earth that can benefit as greatly as Africa. Charlene Fadirepo, co-author of “Bitcoin and the American Dream” brings us a great little piece on Bitcoin Magazine about the promise of Bitcoin in Africa.

Check out the original article below, as well as Charlene’s video podcast covering what is happening in the Bitcoin world throughout Africa with the Bitcoin in Nigeria Podcast:

Bitcoin in Nigeria – Expanding the Narrative:

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