The ECB is Trapped, Here’s Why [Lyn Alden]

“Base money is a liability of the central bank, and it’s used as a reserve asset by commercial banks. Broad money is the liability of commercial banks, and it’s used as a savings asset by the public. Treasuries are liabilities of the federal government, and they’re used as collateral by the central bank and commercial banks.

In other words, liabilities are collateralized by other liabilities, all the way down.” – Lyn Alden

Today we dive into another great piece from Lyn Alden’s newsletter on the macro situation. What happens when you build a monetary system from nothing but liabilities, and then manipulate the price of interest such that the economy goes ever deeper into debt? Unfortunately we are all about to find out. But luckily we have Lyn Alden to break it down for us, with Read_631 on Bitcoin Audible.

Link to the article and other great stuff on Lyn’s investment blog:
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