The Cascading of Interconnected Risk [Marty Bent]

“This created a ticking time bomb with a very short timer. That money was going to “work” in completely artificial markets that were being driven by pure central planning insanity instead of actual fundamentals. As everyone and their mother who had excess cash was shoveling it into financial and real estate assets, global supply chains were quickly breaking down.” – Marty Bent

Today we dig into what exactly is going on in the financial markets, why equities are crashing over a tiny increase in the Fed funds rate, what it means, and how on earth we found ourselves in this situation. It is core incentives built into our fiat monetary foundations that have created a world of leverage on top of leverage, and when the value of the collateral begins to correct, we witness “the cascading of interconnected risk…” Don’t miss this excellent piece from Marty Bent & Guy’s rant to follow on today’s show.

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