Knut Svanholm

Orange is the New Green

“Money condenses energy. Bitcoin is the first and only tool we have for converting electric energy to monetary energy. Now what does this do to the energy market?” – Knut Svanholm

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You Are Not Prepared

Hyperbitcoinization is defined by the Nakamoto institute as “a voluntary transition from an inferior currency to a superior one, and its adoption is a series of individual acts of entrepreneurship rather than a single monopolist that games the system.” – Knut Svanholm

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The Separation of Money & State

“As long as there are money printers, there can be no freedom of expression. Money is the tool we use to express value to each other. Whoever controls the money supply controls the world.” – Knut Svanholm

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Chat #55 – Knut Svanholm & Andy Edstrom on Writing, Feedback Loops, & Bitcoin Haters in 2021

An excellent chat today with 2 brilliant, bullish, & amazing writers in the Bitcoin space. Andy Edstrom, author of “Why Buy Bitcoin,” and Knut Svnaholm of “Sovereignty Through Mathematics” and “Independence Reimagined” join us today for a discussion on everything important with catching the new people coming to Bitcoin, the complications with solidifying ideas out and making them accessible, the feedback loops that will make Bitcoin a dominant macro-political force, & what we can expect from 2021. Dont miss Chat #55 with Knut & Andy.

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Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

“Value is a strange concept because while it is arguably very real, it is entirely subjective, and because of this there is no yardstick or kilogram to measure it against.” – Knut Svanholm
Another from the amazing collection over at , we dive even deeper down the rabbit hole with Knut’s piece. What does it even mean to measure value with Bitcoin as our totem? What happens to prices in a perfectly finite monetary good? What would a future where the growth and productivity of the economy were captured by the money, rather than stolen by our money masters?

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 1

Today we begin through this weeks complete unabridged reading of Knut Svanholm’s recent book available on Amazon, “Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics.”
• Everything we do is a trade
• What is the impact of absolute scarcity, an idea we have never before seen manifested in society?
• And are we all now financial atheists?

Don’t miss Chapters 1 & 2 today followed by a fun discussion of the ideas covered.

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 2

Continuing through our unabridged reading of Knut Svanholm’s excellent book available on Amazon, “Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics”

• The inevitability of human bias
• The absurdity of fractional reserve
• Dangers of collectivism
• Bitcoin is Speech
• The Immaculate Conception
• And why decentralization is so damn hard!

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 3

Another awesome read as we continue through Knut Svanholm’s excellent book, “Sovereignty Through Mathematics.” Part 3 goes into so many fascinating concepts on the nature of proof of work, and the zero-to-one invention of absolute digital scarcity.

• Proof of Work in nature
• Unforgeable Costliness
• Absolute scarcity
• Bitcoin’s & marshmallows

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 4

Chapters 8 through 11 continuing our unabridged audio of Knut Svanholm’s excellent book on the Bitcoin phenomenon titled, “Sovereignty Through Mathematics”
• Anyone can change Bitcoin’s rules, but know one has been able to change Bitcoin
• Bitcoin is the underlying invention behind blockchain, not vice versa
• Money amplifies who we are
• Is Bitcoin an environmental disaster, or its remedy?

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Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 5

Closing the week with the incredible conclusion of Knut Svanholm’s work! Don’t forget to thank him for making this available to us and everyone for free, so we can all discover Bitcoin together.
• A new form of life
• Is the blockchain the body of the organism?
• The necessity of privacy
• Why you should learn to surf
• The long road ahead!

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