Sovereignty Through Mathematics – Part 5

Closing the week with the incredible conclusion of Knut Svanholm‘s work! Don’t forget to thank him for making this available to us and everyone for free, so we can all discover Bitcoin together. Another great addition to the Cryptoconomy Audio Library!

• A new form of life
• Is the blockchain the body of the organism?
• The necessity of privacy
• Why you should learn to surf
• The long road ahead!

Don’t miss this amazing work! If you haven’t listened yet, here is the full audio below:
Part 1—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-1-Knut-Svanholm-e7tak7
Part 2—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-2-Knut-Svanholm-e7vgr1
Part 3—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-3-Knut-Svanholm-e8198t
Part 4—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-4-Knut-Svanholm-e851te

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