Sorry, Bitcoin is Still Anarchist

“Government involvement is usually limited to mediating the clash between incumbents and innovators. Rarely is government the incumbent.” –Zack Voell
Think Bitcoin is apolitical? Think again. You don’t want to miss this one by Zack Voell: Sorry, Bitcoin is Still Anarchist Don’t forget to follow Zack and drop some applause on the article over on Medium. Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node:03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node:31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the Affiliate LinkThe Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our LivesMastering Bitcoin

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