Richard Myers and a Lightning Powered Global Mesh

Today we have a great chat with Richard Myers all about the recently unveiled Lot49 protocol and how Global Mesh Labs intends to incentivize and help build a global, decentralized meshnet powered by Lightning! 

Check out the website and read the whitepaper for a deep dive into the project:

Don’t forget to join the telegram for any questions or to join the community:

Follow Richard Myers & Global Mesh Labs on Twitter to stay up on new developments and applications:

I forgot to mention on the show, but don’t miss out on following the amazing GoTenna project & Daniela Perdomo, the CEO/co-founder working to make this a reality (check out her 2017 talk that inspired Lot49):

And if, like me, you now feel you have no choice but to start working on your satellite node, you can find the details of that project below:

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