ReInventing Bitcoin with Yan Pritzker

“As it turns out, we had money, we just weren’t allowed to take it out of the country. When we left the Soviet Union we were allowed to exchange our rubles for dollars at the official rate (not the real rate)… so they gave us $100 worth and sent us on our way.” – Yan Pritzker

Bitcoin isn’t simply an application that can be used for finance.  Less a technological breakthrough & more a monetary revolution. Today we chat with the exceptional author of “Inventing Bitcoin,” CTO and co-founder of Swan Bitcoin & GiveBitcoin, and a Bitcoiner who has risked it all to be a part of the most important monetary revolution in a century. This chat is not to be missed!

Shout out in the episode to Cory Klippsten, CEO of Swan Bitcoin, and Phil Geiger of Unchained Capital!

If you haven’t read or listened to Inventing Bitcoin, it is a brilliant overview of the logical architecture that sustains the Bitcoin system. Find it at the link below on Amazon and/or

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