Reboot – Wittgenstein’s Money [Allen Farrington]

“Imagine if all respectable business knowledge had been derived from studying large, established companies because there had never been a start-up in living memory. If a start-up then came along, people might well say, “that’s not a business because it doesn’t make a profit,” or, “that’s not a business because it doesn’t have a defined business plan.” Clearly, this would be ill-advised. That is not to say that their models and definitions would be perfectly wrong instead of perfectly right, but rather that things are not so binary. Reality is messy, and it is reality we should care about, not our theories of reality that, it turns out, have never really been tested …” – Allen Farrington

Today we reboot an old favorite of mine from 200 episodes ago on the semantic failures of our modern, commonly understood definition of money. Another of the amazing chapters from the book by Sacha Meyers and Allen Farrington, Bitcoin is Venice. Below I have the Guy’s Take I did as a follow up to this read originally, as well as the original article and link to the book.

Guy’s Take #40 on Wittgenstein’s Money –

Bitcoin is Venice –

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