My Favorite Bitcoin Holidays? A Walk with Guy Through Bitcoin History

Today we go on an extended walk through some of the most epic days of Bitcoin’s and the Cryptoconomy’s history! Telling some of my personal experiences and the crazy times that were had. Do you know about the origins of some of Bitcoin’s biggest memes? Do you know what started the Blocksize Wars? Do you know when the first shitcoin was born? All this and much more in our discussion of my Cryptoconomy Holiday Calendar.

If you want to celebrate these holidays with me, and want this on your own calendar, feel free to grab the info off of the website. It is obviously free to use and share around. If you would like to save yourself the work, then I have made a calendar you can easily download and import to your own so you can be notified of every one! Find it on below:

Mentioned at the beginning of the podcast were Ansel Linder with the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, and the guys over at the Citizen Bitcoin podcast. If you haven’t explored their work they have some awesome stuff to check out. Not to be missed!

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