Libertarnism & the Bitcoin Strategy [Stephan Livera]

“Even if we could somehow convince the world or the U.S. government to adopt a gold standard, there’s not really anything stopping them from claiming “it’s an emergency” and that we need to drop the gold standard and “temporarily” close the gold window. In this way, Bitcoin provides stronger assurances about our money than gold ever could.” – Stephan Livera

Is libertarianism without Bitcoin a lost cause? How does Bitcoin change the game in the fight for sustainable liberty, and what is the argument for understanding why the Bitcoin strategy for liberty, is the most important strategy we have? Find out in today’s concise read from Austrian economist and podcast host Stephan Livera, made available at Bitcoin Magazine.

Check out the original link below for more by Stephan and the other great works at Bitcoin Magazine:

For those who want to hear the SLP episode with Titus Gebel on private cities and a strategy for a free future, this is the link to episode 161:

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