How Lightning Will Grow Following BTC’s 3rd Halving

“It’s going to be really interesting to replicate some of the token-based authentication schemes that we already have with centralized providers but do it with self-sovereign identity, which is pseudonymous and which is persistent across the network.” – Chris Dannen

An article by Peter Chawaga at that touches on the many topics discussed during the Bitcoin Halving Livestream with many of the Lightning pioneers. With LSATs, keysend, LN messaging apps, and the new infrastructure layer for monetary applications. The future is bright, and today’s episode is a great little morsel about what it to come.

Check out the original article and the 2 great videos exploring all of this stuff further at the links below:
Elizabeth Stark on BitcoinHalving –
Jack Mallers, Will Reeves, Chris Dannen, & Alex Leishman –

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