Guy’s Take_53 – Let’s Talk CTV

Everybody take a deep breath! Right now all the drama on Twitter and the Bitcoin community is all about CTV. What is it? Is this an attack on Bitcoin? Is it going to destroy Bitcoin fungibility? Are we firing the devs again? Well luckily I’ve been digging around through things the past 3-4 days and can at least give you an introduction on the idea and begin our journey to figuring out if this a new benefit or risk. There happens to be a lot of FUD both for and against the CTV/BIP119 proposal in the Twittersphere, and before anything else, it’s important to clear that up. So we start there with today’s episode, and hopefully this will kick off a more in depth discussion and exploration in the coming weeks.

Some great resources for further digging into this topic and to do your own discovery for the benefits and drawbacks:

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