How Bitcoin Could Bring Down the State

Inflation, or manipulation of the money supply to the benefit of the politically well connected, is quite possibly the most pervasive frauds of modern society.  It creates multiple layers of compounded resource misallocation, it benefits the debtors and manipulators at the expense of savers, it puts a constant downward pressure on living standards, and it enables more unchecked corruption and abuse of power than any other aspect of our political systems.  

Following Hulsmann’s work, Deflation & Liberty, we have a foundation to understand how deflation, and sound money, strips the false elites of this power.  Bitcoin isn’t a new player, Bitcoin is a whole new game. Today we have a Guy’s Take follow-up to Hulsmann’s great work, and a conversation on how Bitcoin could bring down the state.

Other Episodes & Works mentioned in today’s show:

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Thomas Sowell’s, Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One

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