DLCs are on Bitcoin! New Functionality & Potential

“DLCs are uniquely positioned to bring smart contracting to Bitcoin using oracle contracts that are much more private and scalable than previously thought possible.” – Ben Carman

Ben Carmen, a developer with the awesome team at SuredBits, drops a BitcoinMagazine article today laying out Discreet Log Contracts and how they can be an exciting new addition to the functionality and power of the Bitcoin system. Privacy, cost savings, and non participating oracles to real world events; DLCs bring a new layer to both decentralizing markets on Bitcoin & the Lightning network. Listen to today’s episode to find out more!

Check out the SuredBits blog for tons of awesome work about DLCs and so many other great technologies being built on Bitcoin:


Find the original article and tons of other great works at BitcoinMagazine below. Stay up on new events and learn tons about Bitcoin!


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