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We’re All Default Keynesians Now

“Unless you began your Austrian economic education at birth in some unknown Austrian paradise, on this planet at this particular time in human history, I think we can safely say we’re all Keynesians by default.” – Brady Swenson

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The Tahini’s Bitcoin Standard

As the dominoes continue to fall, we chat with the owner of the amazing Tahini’s restaurant on their journey to a Bitcoin Standard. Why Bitcoin? What led them to such a decision? How do they see the future risks and rewards going forward? What events of the past allowed them to see the true potential of this revolutionary new monetary system? All this and more in today’s phenomenal chat with the man behind @TheRealTahinis

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Crypto, Truth & Power

“I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto, Whoever he/she/it/them is/was, was first and foremost a strategist of the cypherpunk traditions. This is extremely important because we need to understand the motivational ideology was not one of any sort of state capitalist nature, or idiotic wealth fantasies of lambos and other childish bullshit, but an explicit crypto-anarchist one .” – Erik Cason

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Rights, Incentives & the Bitcoin System

What are rights and can Bitcoin enable us to make better sense of them?

It is very common to hear that education is a “right,” that healthcare, a fair salary, etc are all “rights” that we can demand of others and are entitled to. Can this be the case? How do they conflict with the more basic rights of the control over our own lives, our right to choose, and the rights to our bodies? Can we simply declare that the things we want or need are rights and this means we can have as much of it as we would like?

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