Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin

“When I thought about what is the defining difference between the Bitcoin maximalists and my yuppie elite friends, the surface level distinctions that popped out were political (e.g., libertarianism, Trump support, second-amendment rights, Black Lives Matter). But these stem from a deeper divide: the degree to which a person has trust in the system.” – Croesus

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Guy’s Take #43 – The Sound of Inevitability

• Why Matt Odell is wrong about the OCC statement

• Bullish review of the SeeTee Shareholder Letter

• Microstrategy & 0% bonds

• Jack Mallers taking over the world


• MassMutual, Square, Tesla, Marathon, Stone Ridge, & the Bitcoin Treasury Rush

• Next phase of the Bitcoin mining industry

• Lightning everywhere

• New developer grants

• Rewards Cards everywhere!

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SeeTee Shareholder Letter

“We are not going to wait for the future – we want to join in building it as well! I encourage entrepreneurs to reach out to Seetee. The bigger the dream, the more we listen.”

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The Capital Strip Mine

“The most egregious falsehood regarding economic health that is nonetheless widely believed is surely that we ought to measure it by the magnitude of goods and services consumed. This is dangerous nonsense.” – Allen Farrington

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What I Really Think About Bitcoin

“I believe Bitcoin is one hell of an invention. To have invented a new type of money via a system that is programmed into a computer and that has worked for around 10 years and is rapidly gaining popularity as both a type of money and a storehold of wealth is an amazing accomplishment.” – Ray Dalio

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How this Bull Run is Different

“People aren’t trading bitcoin, they’re accumulating more and more of it over time and holding it long term (aka, “stacking sats“ ). This is evident not only through the raw on-chain data and exchange flows, but also through consumer behavior.” – Abhay Aluri

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Guy’s Take #41 – Gamestop is the Battle, Bitcoin is the War

Curious to know what the recent clown show of GameStop and r/WallStreetBets was all about? Well we get into it in today’s rant about the phenomenal arrogance and outright manipulation of the major players in Wall Street after retail investors made them cry. There is nothing that could more perfectly demonstrate the reality that average Joe’s only have freedom when they are losing, but when they make a win at the expense of billionaire hedge funds, you can bet your ass the stocks will be delisted, accounts will be frozen, positions will be closed for no reason, the SEC will investigate “manipulation” from the retail investors, & the big dogs will do everything they can to prevent from paying the bill.

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Winning Hearts & Minds for Bitcoin

“In a world in which governments and companies continually encroach on personal liberties via surveillance and outright control, Bitcoin shines like a beacon of freedom.” – Andy Edstrom & Peter McCormack

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Bitcoin & the Hopf Cycle of the Internet

“Hard times make strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – Giacomo Zucco

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Bitcoin’s Killer App, Skin in the Game

“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. People play games because they are fun, not because they are on a blockchain.” – Simon Cowell

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