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Whats Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon?

In this paper, we introduce investors to a decades-old subculture of eccentric software-makers who resist the oppressive and ethically-fraught traditions of corporate employment. We encounter how they set out in the 1980s to make commercial software irrelevant, and how their mission expanded into a war against all forms of institutional oversight. We examine…

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A Monetary Layer for the Internet

“The project was initially understood as yet another doomed attempt to construct a digital currency by the disillusioned cypherpunk community. And without anyone’s permission, Bitcoin slowly emerged and diligently grew to become adopted by a small group of computer researchers, cryptographers and engineers curious to decipher the technology.” – Thibaud Marechal

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How Decentralization Dies

“Decentralization has […] been a vessel for achieving a concession from a centralized body it is protesting. Every decentralization play has followed a simple pattern: protest a market inefficiency, win that protest via a major concession, and then disappear back to fringes of society.” – Brandon Arvanaghi

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