The BitTorrent Lessons for Crypto Series – Parts 1-4

Bitcoin is an incredibly novel technology, there are few technologies that can boast the revolutionary impact that Bitcoin potentially has. However, there is still much to be learned from its predecessors and benefactors.

Today we cover Part 2 of Simon Morris’s excellent series on the lessons we can take from BitTorrent to better understand the goals and value of Bitcoin and Crypto. If it doesn’t break the rules, then why does decentralization even matter?

In the context of Part 2, knowing that the true value of decentralization is in breaking rules, Simon Morris now explores the consequences of a systems “intent,” the incredible complexity and balance it requires to sustain them, & the paradox of making changes to a system whose power resides in its capacity to resist change.

So what is the outcome of decentralized disruption? Who are the winners when there is a shift to an entirely new paradigm?

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The Lightning of my TCP, or How the Internet is Too Complex to Work

A follow-up to our previous episode “#Reckless to Wumbology” discussing the incredible development and new tools coming to the Lightning Network. As well as an exploration of the vast complexity of the internet and how, surely, it could never work. Get ready for a long rant in this Guy’s Take episode XD

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Whats Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon?

In this paper, we introduce investors to a decades-old subculture of eccentric software-makers who resist the oppressive and ethically-fraught traditions of corporate employment. We encounter how they set out in the 1980s to make commercial software irrelevant, and how their mission expanded into a war against all forms of institutional oversight. We examine…

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The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon – Part 9

“Far from being a novelty or prototype, Bitcoin has shown itself to be a threatening alternative to present-day organizational conventions and to the large commercial businesses that rely on them.”

The Epic finale of the piece by the team at Iterative.Capital. Investigating the investment outlook and consequences of a world with Bitcoin.  Don’t miss the conclusion of “The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon.

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Bitcoin at 10

@Beautyon_ takes us through the realizations & predecessors that set the stage for Bitcoin and the incredible impact this technology has had, and will continue to have on the entire world. #Bitcoin, the revolution, 10 years and running!

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Adversaries, Distributed Ledgers, and Decentralization

“Given an adversarial environment I don’t believe you can maintain secure decentralized consensus AND have timely confirmation between arbitrary parties AND scale up to a large number of nodes/transactions.” – @SarahJamieLewis

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