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Simplifying Lightning, The “Noinput Class”

Today we take a dive into the future of Lightning and one of the amazing developments to make it simpler and more reliable, the new sighash flags referred to as the “Noinput Class.” Who better to take us through it than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine?

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#Reckless to Wumbology, The Lightning Network Infrastructural Build-Out

Want to know more about Neutrino, Submarine Swaps, Dual Funded Channels, Atomic Multi-Path Payments, Splicing, Sphinx Send, Eltoo, Channel Factories, Watchtowers, and the incredible list of new products coming for the Lightning Network? Look no further, Arjun Balaji (@arjunblj) & TheBlockCrypto (@theblock__ + @mdudas) brings us a walk through the major developments in Lightning with “From #Reckless to Wumbology.” 

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Announcing the Casa Browser Extension

A lot of announcements and tons of exciting stuff to talk about in this episode! Plus our read of the just released Casa Browser Extension, inspired by the Lightning Joule extension, which is one of the coolest additions to the Casa suite yet, plus they are now Open Source!! Don’t miss an exciting episode with today’s QuikRead!

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Holding the Lightning Torch with Rollo & Slappy

If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t miss an awesome discussion all about Lightning and holding the Torch with the guys from the Rollo and Slappy Show! Check out @RolloMcFloogle and @Slappy_Jones_2 for more awesome content & definitely check out the amazing playlist for a deep understanding of Bitcoin over at

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Why Lightning Sucks…

Lightning is complicated, difficult to use, sometimes doesn’t work properly, requires a lot of learning and experimentation, and is still a risky place to hold Bitcoin funds…

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