We’re All Default Keynesians Now

“Unless you began your Austrian economic education at birth in some unknown Austrian paradise, on this planet at this particular time in human history, I think we can safely say we’re all Keynesians by default.” – Brady Swenson @citizenbitcoin

Today we read a great little piece on how our economic understandings have become so skewed, why the default has become one of centralized, top down control over money, and how Bitcoin is set to right the world of our economic foundations. We’ve got a fun rant after this one too, so don’t miss it!

Check out the original article and drop some major applause. Don’t forget to follow Brady on Twitter and check out his show as well!

Get your “Default Keynesian” shirt here:

Saif’s Beginner’s Guide to Austrian Econ:

Stephan Livera’s Intro to Bitcoin Austrian Thought:

And the huge collection of works at Gigi’s Bitcoin Resources:

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