Understanding the Technical Side of Bitcoin

Curious about where to start or what to possibly focus on when learning Bitcoin, Lightning, and the fundamentals of the most important tools in this ecosystem? Look no further, today we read and discuss Pierre Rochard’s excellent piece that breaks it all down. Don’t forget to save the article in your bookmarks for later reference and drop some mad Medium applause for the awesome collection of links: https://medium.com/@pierre_rochard/understanding-the-technical-side-of-bitcoin-2c212dd65c09 Feel free to send some satoshis or open a channel with the official Cryptoconomy.Life Lightning Node:03609e92ab6dff378b6a7aca6f856bf5e9d56cadd622bd402a9b03d9a583c817b5@ Donate Bitcoin to help the show & provide Liquidity for my #Lightning Node:31sBReBuAA9QznVRRrcsjdGp9oc4ajnS4t Support the show:Shop.Trezor.io Affiliate Link
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