The Speculative Attack

“My own prediction is that slow bleed has been accelerating and is only the first step. The second step will be speculative attacks that use bitcoins as a platform. The third and final step will be hyper-bitcoinization.” – Pierre Rochard

We are entering a new phase of the Bitcoin game theory. What really happens when the hardest money in the world, encounters hundreds of weak, fiat currencies? What unfolds is a series of feedback loops that drive the bad money out of circulation, and leads to eventual “speculative attacks” on the weaker currencies particularly in conditions with high capital controls, falling reserves, and manipulated interest rates. All conditions that the modern world finds every way they look. Don’t miss this amazing blast from the past by Pierre Rochard , predicting the very environment of 2020, back in 2014.

From the ever amazing Nakamoto Institute, Pierre’s “Speculative Attack”:

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