The Fraying of the Petrodollar System – Part 1

“Taking my view a step further, evidence shows that the global monetary system as currently structured is gradually re-aligning itself, and this fact will have important ramifications for investments over the long run.” – Lyn Alden

We start today into another amazing piece from Lyn Alden that digs into the history, the cycles, the problems, the half solutions, and the long term consequences of our dollar based global monetary system. What led to its creation, how does it move in the macro environment, and are crack beginning to show that may have the world re-align to an entirely new system? Don’t miss the first part of this amazing piece, “The Fraying of the Petrodollar System .”

Find the plethora of charts and data to go along with it at the link below, plus the other amazing work from Lyn:

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