The Blockchain is Exhaust

Is the blockchain a critical tool that creates the power behind Bitcoin, or is it a wasteful and unavoidable byproduct, an exhaust, of the system that secures the most sound money in the world?

This was a fascinating Twitter thread by Udi Wertheimer that explores what I find to be an interesting perspective on the role that “the blockchain” plays in the Bitcoin network. With added input and contrarian opinions from Eric Wall, Meni Rosenfeld, Adam Back, & Justin Moon, we take a short episode to expand on a unique idea.

The Original Thread:

Other works mentioned that will shed light on these ideas:
Parker Lewis’s “Bitcoin Cannot be Copied”:—Bitcoin-Cant-Be-Copied-Parker-Lewis-e58g11
Nick Szabo’s “Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability”:—Money–Blockchains–and-Social-Scalability-e2ndsj

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