The Bitcoin v Govt War is Vaporware

“The world’s national currencies will offer Bitcoin only a sputtering resistance — more in word than deed — and they’ll dwindle into irrelevance as their defenders fail to defend, their battlements go unmanned, and the central banks’ centers will not hold.” – Jesse Lawler

Are we doomed for a massive battle between the monetary giants. The Federal Reserve and global powers pitted against the decentralized Bitcoin system? Or will Goliath simply fizzle out as the central banks fail to organize, find their personal interest at odds with institutional interest, and Bitcoin proves to be too distributed to even fight?

Sci-Fi dystopia and a cypherpunk war, or no? A great, fun piece by Jesse Lawler, host of the Smart Drugs Smart podcast and fellow Crew member of the show, writes a really interesting piece on the potential conflicts, or lack thereof, in Bitcoin’s future.

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