Ten Million Bitcoiners, The Intransigent Minority

Not too many years from now, the number of Bitcoiners in the United States of America will cross ten million.  When we hit that milestone, it’s game over: Bitcoin wins…” – Cory Klippsten

Diving into our first read from the Swan Bitcoin blog by their CEO Cory Klippsten, we explore the simple, but powerful idea of the Intransigent Minority. Laid out in Nassim Taleb‘s book “Skin in the Game” the intransigent minority is the target for the number of Bitcoiners that would be needed to reach the point of no return. What might that number be, and how do we get there? Listen to a short, fun read on building the intransigent minority.

This episode is actually sponsored by none other than Swan Bitcoin! (fyi, this was already in my reading list & they didn’t know 😆)
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