Securing Property with Owner Authority

Bitcoin is the first truly decentralized registry for property ownership. The first application of which is value in its most abstract form, money. But how can we extend this to physical property and titles outside of political institutions? Who better to explore the topic with than Nick Szabo (@nickszabo4)? “Securing Property Titles with Owner Authority.”

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The Dawn of Trustworthy Computing

“It’s actually the protocol (Nakamoto consensus, which is highly distributed) combined with strong cryptography, rather than just decentralization per se, that is the source of the far higher reliability and and much lower vulnerability of block chains.” – @NickSzabo4

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Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability

Szabo‘s excellent essay on the specific trade-offs that empower Satoshi’s brilliant solution to the scaling of trust across human institutions. Listen if you are ready to learn.

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